Chris, Workshop Controller

Renault Trucks Coventry

Hello! My name is Chris, the Workshop Controller at Renault Trucks Coventry. I spend my day allocating and monitoring the flow of work through the workshop as well as dealing with all of the relevant documentation.

Nigel, Dealer Point Manager

Renault Trucks Coventry

I’m Nigel, the Dealer Point Manager at Renault Trucks Coventry. I’m responsible for ensuring that both our customers’ and the business’ expectations are met throughout the area.

Adam, Customer Service Receptionist

Renault Trucks Coventry

Hi there, I’m Adam and my job is to help our customers with any enquiries as a Customer Service Receptionist; this covers both the Parts and Service Departments.

Jas, Customer Service Receptionist

Renault Trucks Coventry

Hi there, I’m Jas, a Customer Service Receptionist with Renault Trucks Coventry. I schedule customer vehicles, making sure that they are fully compliant, while also dealing with breakdowns and communicating with customers.

Chelsea, Transport Solutions Executive


My name’s Chelsea, a Transport Solutions Executive in Tipton. Part of my job is to help customers choose the best truck for their business. It’s always great when we find the perfect vehicle for the job.

Richard, Aftersales & Used Vehicles Co-ordinator

Renault Trucks Coventry

I’m Richard, my role at Renault Trucks Coventry is to deal with the processing of the ‘Used Vehicle Fleet’. I’m also responsible for planning exports and processing customer orders.

Adrian, Used Truck Sales Executive

Renault Trucks Coventry

Hi I’m Adrian, a Used Truck Sales Executive. I make sure that our customers find the right pre-owned vehicle to suit their business needs.

Chris, Transport Solutions Executive

Renault Trucks Coventry

Hello, I’m Chris, the Transport Solutions Executive at Renault Trucks Coventry. I’ve recently been promoted to this role after working as an Aftersales Supervisor, there’s always room to grow at Renault!

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  • Chelsea, Transport Solutions Executive
  • Chris, Workshop Controller
    Renault Trucks Coventry
  • Lee Drummond, service manager
    JDS Truck and Van

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Introducing Proud Professionals


by: Nigel Butler

13th Feb 2017


The transport industry isn’t getting the recognition it deserves. Our proud professionals are overlooked and underrated. This is something we need to change.

From aspiring apprentices to veteran technicians, those of us in the transport industry seem to have grown used to working behind the scenes, putting our all into what we do but getting little recognition – it’s time for us to take a step forward and present our pride in our industry, our livelihood and ourselves!

Take a look around you at all the things that are in your life because of proud professionals. Even the screen you’re reading this on was brought to you via the hard work of a member of the transport community - our community. A culture of unsung heroes which includes everyone: from those in the workshop who diligently maintain each vehicle, to the sales team who work with customers to specify the right vehicle to administrators who keep the whole process running smoothly. That’s before we highlight the heroics of drivers who quite literally go the extra mile.

Our aim is to shine a spotlight on the people of trucking and transport industry. We want everyone’s voice to be heard, from the offices to the dealerships, workshops and out on the road. It’s time to rethink what you think you know.

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